Customer Focused, Quality Driven

  • First in customer service
  • First in quality
  • First in on-time delivery
  • First in Flexibility
  • First in overall value


BB Diversified has been a Polaris Tier 1 supplier since 1996 and has been recognized as such every year since. Our services consists of the following:

  • Precision CNC machining
  • Prototype parts
  • Tier 1 assembly
  • Contract Labor
  • 3rd-party rework


“Customer Focused, Quality Driven”

Mission Statement

To be the preeminent supplier of high quality and cost effective machined and assembled components to local and global manufacturing facilities as well as to individual customers. To be the top supplier of snowmobile slide rails in the world and have our product on over 80% of the world’s snowmobiles. To provide innovative and custom-designed motorsport components that are stronger, lighter, and more affordable than anything else available. All of this will be done while offering superior customer service and a flexible operational stance.

Vision Statement

To support and impact our community and nation through a positive work environment that provides for and strengthens families, churches, and responsible yet small government. This will be accomplished through undeterred integrity, hard work, fair compensation, and an unerring dedication to the honor and characteristics of Jesus Christ.

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